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Yogo Introduction

Yogo Introduction

Based on Founder’s 30 years industry experience, established in 2014, Guangdong Yogo Agriculture Investment Co., Ltd.(hereafter as Yogo group) is a full-industry chain group company, which focuses on selecting best quality of fresh fruit for consumers worldwide.
Maintaining a long-term strategic partnership with suppliers of high quality producing areas at home and abroad, setting up over 10 wholesales distribution centers, building up KA delivery centers, B2B & B2C platform, also overseas offices, Yogo group has a strong import & export power and extensive distribution channels, which promotes to rapid development in past years. In order to ensure a comprehensive and traceable supply chain, Yogo Group has invested in a number of plantation processing, cold chain storage and distribution centers in New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand and Xinjiang.
Yogo Group keeps developing the upstream and downstream, devotes helping traditional fruit industry to develop in the direction of scale centralization, industrial standardization, and brand innovation. We believe that Yogo Group will make a greater contribution to the sustainable development of Chinese agriculture, and the global circulation of the fruit industry. It will become a transnational corporation that is respected by the industry.