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  • Passion

    Passion fruit

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Course of Development

Course of Development

  • 1988

    Yogo started business in the domestic fruit field

  • 1998

    Imported fruits became a part of business scale

  • 2008

    Yogo directly import fruits from South America and Vietnam, and paid more attention to the layout in Southeast Asia

  • 2014
    Guangdong Yogo Agriculture Investment Co.,Ltd was established in Guangzhou
  • 2015

    Subsidiary Fruit Union Co.,Ltd was established in Shanghai 

  • 2016

    Yogo broaden the layout of downstream channels in secondary wholesale markets, KA supermarket and e-commerce platform. Also,  brand marketing was promoted

  • 2017

    Back to the upstream of the industry, Yogo deeply cultivated planting bases in Xinjiang and Southeast Asia, and improved packaging and production facilities

  • 2018

    Yogo is accelerating the construction of the agricultural industry chain in Thailand and Xinjiang