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Imported fruits

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  • Jujube

    Jujube (scientific name: Ziziphus jujuba Mill.), nickname jujube, jujube, jujube jujube thorn, guan. Rhamnus jujube plants, deciduous small trees, shrubs, up to 10 meters, bark brown or grayish brown, petiole 1-6 mm long, or on the long branch up to 1 cm, hairless or sparse hair, spiny leaf fine, and later often shedding. Yellow green, bisexual, glabrous, with short peduncle, solitary or dense axillary cymes. Drupe oblong or oblong ovate, 2-3.5 cm long, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, from red ripe red purple, mesocarp fleshy, thick and sweet. Seeds oblate ellipsoid, about 1 cm long, 8 mm wide. [1]

  • Durian

    Durio zibethinus Murr (scientific name: Durio zibethinus Murr) is a huge tropical evergreen tree with long round leaves and a pointed tip. It has cyme flowers of light color. The fruit is the size of a soccer ball.

  • Pitaya

    Pitaya is a perennial climbing succulent plants. Pitaya is rich in nutrition, unique features. It contains general plant of rare plants of albumin and anthocyanins, rich in vitamins and water soluble dietary fiber.

  • Mangosteen

    Mangosteen, mangosteen can refer to plants can also refer to the fruit of this plant mangosteen. Mangosteen formerly known as Garcinia mangostana, native to Southeast Asia, generally grown 10 years began the environmental requirements are very strict. Therefore, it is worthy of the name of the green fruit, and durian, famous, known as "Queen of fruit". Mangosteen is a special material, has reduced the dry, cool and antipyretic effect, the heat can grams durian mangosteen. In Thailand, people will durian mangosteen couple fruit". Excellent fruit companies in Thailand have? Suppliers can provide high-quality mangosteen for customers in the production season.

  • Cherry

    Cherry exterior color bright, crystal clear and beautiful, such as agate red and yellow as creamy, fruit is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other a variety of elements. High content of cherry iron, up to 59 mg of iron per hundred grams of cherry fruit, in the first place. Cherry can alleviate anemia. Iron is the raw material for the synthesis of human hemoglobin. Car cherry fruit as a key product of the company, not only with the main vehicle in South America to establish a long-term stability of the sub sub supplier relationships, but also launched the excellent fruit of its own brand. The mainly engaged in car of South America, Chile cherries, with Chile local companies established long-term, stable relations of cooperation, including San Francisco, prize, copefrut cherries giant, in order for customers in China to bring the best cherries experience.

  • me Red grape

    Red grape also known as Red Earth, European subspecies. Native to California, the United States, is by California State University researchers in the 70's hybridization test, bred into a grape variety.

  • citrus

    Citrus reticulata Blanco is a subordinate plant of the Rutaceae family. Sex like warm and humid climate, cold resistance than grapefruit, lime, sweet orange slightly stronger. The citrus subfamily Rutaceae ranges from 16° N to 37° N. It is a tropical and subtropical evergreen fruit tree (except Fructus aurantii). It is used for economic cultivation in 3 genera: Fructus aurantii, Citrus and Kumquat. The citrus cultivated in China and other countries of the world is mainly citrus.

  • Blueberry

    Blueberry blue berry and blueberry fruit contains rich nutrient components, can prevent brain aging, protect eyesight, strong heart, anti-cancer, soften blood vessels, enhance the immune functions, high nutrition. Among them, because blueberries contain anthocyanins, with activation of retinal function, can strengthen the vision, prevent eye fatigue and has attracted much attention. It is also one of the top five health fruits recommended by the world food and agriculture organization. Clinical report also showed that blueberry anthocyanins can promote the regeneration of retinal cells in rhodopsin, myopia prevention, improve eyesight. Excellent fruit is committed to the best quality, the fastest speed, lowest price, for every customer to provide excellent Chilean blueberries.

  • Plum

    Black plum fruit rich in sugar, acid, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients. Has a very high nutritional value, health function of black plum is very prominent, Sheng Jin diuretic, liver Yanggan Jieyu poison, clear heat. Excellent fruit company is mainly engaged in the Chilean Brin, Chile brin variety, quality, excellent fruit through with Chile local well-known fruit vendor cooperation, to provide customers with the best quality of brin.

  • Passion Fruit

    Egg fruit (scientific name: Passiflora edulia Sims), also known as passion fruit, is a grassy vine of the genus Passiflora in the Passiflora family, about 6 meters long; Stems pinstriped, glabrous; Petals 5, as long as sepals; Base light green, middle purple, top white, berry ovoid, 3 ~ 4 cm in diam., glabrous, purple when ripe; Seeds numerous, ovate. Flowering in June, fruit in November.

News content
  • The "Good Fruit Heaven" held a trail race in Jolma

    Guangdong Youguo Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. has been specialized in fresh fruit industry for more than 20 years, involving a variety of industry forms of operation, is a fresh fruit supply expert, to "deliver fresh, deliver health" as its own responsibility, committed to let consumers fully enjoy high-quality fresh fruit, improve the quality of life.

  • Global Fresh Fruit Jiaxing World Fruit City opened today

    On January 21, 2016, Mr. Fang Zengliang, chairman of Guangdong Youguo Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. participated in the establishment of Jiaxing World Fruit City, which was grandly opened in the presence of guests from all over the world. The project is located at the intersection of Jinxia Road and Shunyuan Road in Jiaxing comprehensive Logistics Park. The market is divided into three functional areas: global origin (famous brand fruit) trading area, e-commerce and fruit supermarket purchasing office area, cold reservoir area, aiming to become the largest imported fruit wholesale market in East China.

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