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Founded in 1988, Yogo Group, with the headquarter set up in 2014, is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. As a modern comprehensive agricultural industry group, Yogo Group integrates scientific research, planting, packaging, product processing, supply chain, global trade and agricultural investment home and abroad. 

Yogo Group, controlling over numerous wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries,has built up several whole industrial chains of modern

agriculture at home and abroad.Based on local climate and soil environment, as well as domestic and foreign demand, Yogo Group makes continuous efforts to enhance environment, research and cultivate new varieties, and ensure modernized and refined international standard planting. Additionally, Yogo Group strives to be an expert on the produce of  packaging materials, primary processing and deep processing of products, cold chain logistics and the layout of domestic and international marketing networks. As a result, Yogo Group would hopefully integrate the fruit industry chain to ensure the quality and safety of products. Meanwhile, Yogo group will improve environmental protection and optimize the allocation of resources. Finally, Yogo Group also actively promotes joint exploration and practice of benefit sharing with global industry operators to protect the interests of industry operators and help traditional agriculture develop towards specialization, branding and sustainability.

"Global Buy & Global Sale".After years of hard work, long-term and stable strategic partnership has been established between Yogo Group and high-quality fruit suppliers in more than 20 countries around the world. The import volume is increasing year by year. Besides, we also export our domestic quality fruits to different countries in the world such as Southeast Asia, Europe and America, providing high quality, healthy and safe products to our global customers.

Rooted in China, Yogo group’s mission is to provide service for agriculture industry across the globe. By opening up the industrial chain, Yogo Group contributes to the development of traditional fruit industry in scale production, standardization, refinement and branding, and promotes the sustainable development of agriculture.


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