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Xinjiang Industrial Chain

In 2017, Youguo invested and established Xinjiang Bowo Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Xinjiang, holding Xinjiang Bowo Youye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Bowo Zhongyi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in research, development and planting of grapes and apples, processing and packaging, material production, and export trade.

Thailand Industrial Chain

Youguo has invested in the construction of mangosteen processing plants and several durian processing plants in the eastern and southern production areas of Thailand. The annual processing capacity of durian has reached 2000 standard cabinets; Invested in and established a production and processing company for processing, research, development and planting of perfume coconut green fresh fruit and fresh coconut water in Banpiao County, Shamei Shakong Prefecture, with an annual output of more than 2000 cabinets; Invested in and established Thailand Youda Logistics Company in Bangkok, and self operated logistics has improved the efficiency of goods allocation.

New Zealand apple orchard

In 2015, Youguo cooperated with Taylor Corporation, a famous enterprise in New Zealand, and invested in Mateo Apple Plantation in New Zealand, planting high-quality variety "Red Rose".

South Africa Orange Strategic Cooperation

Youguo has formed a strategic partnership with EKM, the largest citrus supplier in South Africa. Youguo is the sole agent of its EKM brand to jointly build the first brand in the Chinese market.

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